From the Principal’s Desk

We are in the midst of great changes to teaching and learning because of covid-19 pandemic. We wish to applaud all the respected teachers, parents and students for their continuous effort in providing the knowledge through online classes.

To optimize learning in online classes it is essential for children to –

  1. Wake up at least an hour before the class.
  2. Practice stretching exercises and wash your eyes with water in the break between two classes.
  3. Keep away from the cell phone or computer between two classes
  4. Do not indulge in gaming between or during classes.
  5. Revise the lesson in-progress and submit the assignments within the stipulated time.
  6. Clarify the concepts and doubts from the teachers while the lesson is still in-progress.

St. Mary’s Day Inter College is committed in nurturing the inherent potential and talent of each child.

Good wishes and gratitude


S. Massey